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#RockAfterThem feat Venomous2000

by Rhymageddon



Verse 1
R :Your bars are basic
so is your broad
Got cameras in your face
Nobody hitting record
Your stage show is flawed
Enters V and the god
2000 styles of vemoms
Powers infinitely beyond
What you're used to
Studied the mastery of the Juice Crew
Wu-tang and
Native Tongues to name a few
Then channeled the energy of the Fresh Fest
Can I get a yes-yes if you like to feel that bass in your chest.


so point em out who want this a-1 sauce
off course you’ll take a loss
like midgets stepping on ball courts
Rap giants of thoughts
Peel off quick a porshe
Then Shfit gears and breath
Don’t trip on the mic cords
Pristine with the 8ths and 16ths
Knowing just where to place ya words
Back up singer cant hold a note you better
Dead her
Going on stage after me & V

Hook 2x


R: Let ask you
why ya stiff on stage as statues?
R u rocking or getting a tattoo
Its natural for me to smash crews
OD’d on that fast food
No jewels this that zoo u cant pass through
Grows some cashews
I cause Bloody snafu
Couple a jabs’ll land in grandview
With stab wounds in ya dome like shampoo
For them dayum andrews
And benjamins dont send them in?


Hook 2x


released April 5, 2012
Featuring Venomous2000
Produced by DJ Irs
Cuts by Chopzilla


all rights reserved



Rhymageddon New Jersey

Aggressively Conscious Lyricist and then some++++
Rhymageddon is the voice shaking up the entire Hip-Hop world from the Netherlands to Japan right back to his home state of New Jersey. Blame it on the incisive way his lyrics penetrate the minds of true Hip-Hop fans everywhere. Can you tell he's grown tired of rappers who only rhyme about the materialistic world? ... more

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